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Bathurst Regional Art Gallery Exhibition

Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, 70-78 Keppel St Fri 9th Jun 10 a.m. Ends: 5 p.m.

Soft Core

Soft Core presents artistic practices that explore the many facets of ‘softness’ - from large-scale inflatables to forms made from soft materials to materials that simply look soft. Soft Core investigates these practices by presenting existing works and newly commissioned works from 12 Australian and International artists who question the fluctuating meaning of what it means to be soft. An exhibition curated by Michael Do in conjunction with Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and toured by Museums & Galleries of NSW.

Todd Fuller: Icarus of the Hill
Todd Fuller’s hand drawn films have been captivating audiences since 2010. His unique style of animation combines analogue filmmaking methodologies with drawing and painting techniques. In March 2017 Todd participated in the Hill End Artist in Residence program. During this time he created the animation Icarus of the Hill, which combines his experiences with imagery from Australian Art History around the site and Greek mythology. The resulting body of work explores this significant place, its history and our relationship to it.
Rachel Milne: After Olley
Rachel Milne is a painter who works from life alla prima in oil on board. Her work is observation based, with a focus on light and seeing the beauty in the everyday. In June 2016, Rachel spent four weeks in Hill End, drawn to the village by her intense curiosity, and her fascination with the life of Margaret Olley and her connection to Hill End. While in residence, Rachel documented her experiences, from a celebratory chocolate cake to the rich domestic interiors of Haefligers and Murrays Cottages.
Jo Davenport: Mapping Hill End
Created during a residency at Hill End in October 2015, Jo Davenport’s recent series of abstract works draw from the visual language of cartography. Moving away from topographical and physical representations, Jo’s paintings map the emotions associated with ‘being in’ the landscape of Hill End. Working with paper – a befitting cartographic material – the artist considers the artistic currency of maps as both analytical tools and aesthetic objects, calling into question what makes an abstract rendering into a map and, likewise, what makes a map an artwork.

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