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Bathurst Regional Art Gallery Exhibition

Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, 70-78 Keppel St Fri 2nd Feb 10 a.m. Ends: 5 p.m.

Derek Kreckler: Accident & Process
Derek Kreckler is one of Australia's most rigorous post-minimal and post-conceptual artists. This exhibition brings together photography, video, installation and sound works drawn from the artist’s early conceptual and performative practice of the 1970s through to his more recent focus on still and moving imagery in the 21st century. Works selected demonstrate the range of media Kreckler employs in his desire to explore, extrapolate and test our understanding of our physical, cultural and social surrounds.
Derek Kreckler: Accident & Process is a PICA touring exhibition curated by Hannah Mathews. 

Harrie Fasher: The Last Charge
Harrie Fasher’s monumental sculpture The Last Charge captures the raw emotion of the last charge of the Light Horse Brigade at the Battle of Beersheba on October 31, 1917. This powerful and terrifying vision of cavalry in full flight evokes the roar and chaos of battle, and the indefatigable bond between horse and rider. Forged from rusted and twisted steel rods, Fasher’s horses embody the human, channelling the violence and determination that led to the victory at Beersheba. First exhibited at the 2017 Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi, The Last Charge is a potent and poignant memorial to the horses and cavalrymen of the 4th Light Horse Brigade.
A Bathurst Regional Art Gallery exhibition



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